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Dragon Zip Line


Dragon Zip Line is a one of a kind, high quality outdoor equipment that can be installed in your own backyard for hours and hours of enjoyment. 

Nowadays, kids are spending more time on gadgets than playing outdoors. That's why we come up with an engaging fun kit that encourages kids to play outside. 

Things You Need To Know About Dragon Zip Line Kit

✓ All-in-one kit. Everything you need for installation is inside the box

✓ Comes with a longer cable meaning longer time for kids to zip down

✓ Installation is super easy! We will provide you with a manual and video instruction to guide you step-by-step

✓ Lasts a long time with its stainless steel components so your zip line will be rust free for years

✓ With spring break option that allows for a smooth landing and keeps a safe distance between your kids and the tree

Why Buy?


Safety First: Disc seat plus harness, spring brake, non-slip rubber trolley grips, turnbuckle safety cable - these are just a few of the safety features that every Dragon Zip Line Kit has which is not found in any backyard zip line kit in the market. We made sure that our zipline will provide more safety to ensure that you will be worry-free while your kids enjoy every zip line ride they’ll have.

Fun for All: For a zip line that can hold up to 250 lbs, this kit can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. This outdoor kit has a high-quality disc seat and a lanyard that is adjustable to suit the user’s size. Even the harness is adjustable to fit the smallest one in the family!

High Quality: The longest stainless steel cable at 110ft and stainless steel components - this kit will definitely hold the test of time! We also included components that are not usually found in a basic kit because we want to make sure that you have everything you need in one box that will make your kids have the best and safest riding experience for a long time.

Easy to Install: A zip line kit with a user-friendly design for a quick setup and takedown. It comes with everything that you need which means you don’t have to look for any other tools just to install this in your backyard. We also prepared an easy-to-follow video guide to make sure that your kids will enjoy their first ride in no time! Plus our customer champions are ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Great Gift: We guarantee your kids will love the Dragon Zipline Kit. We stand behind the workmanship and quality of each zip line kit that will turn your backyard into a stunning amusement park! Be the coolest parent within your neighborhood - Give your kids a gift of experience and make more happy memories for the entire family!


How To Install